Poway Community Park

People often don’t realize how little open space there is in Poway Community Park. It is essentially limited to the two red outlined areas in the picture below.


By just adding a few of the adjacent parcels owned by the city (shown by the dashed blue line), however, the effective usable area of the park would be increased by 200% or more.  This would also increase the “riverwalk” area in the park. Walkable paths to the street and adjacent properties would further enhance the walkability of this part of the city.

We will need this increase in parkland to accommodate the new residents who will occupy the new PRSP enabled dwellings.

Also compare the two tennis courts, which are relatively small, to the proposed addition to see how large the area is and how much it would enhance our city’s primary park.  And it might be possible to put underground parking below this new area, thereby providing the best of both worlds – more open space and more parking – to this densely populated section of the city.

This is the kind of leadership and forward thinking we will need if we are going to have mixed use development that is compatible with the quality of life we have come to expect from Poway.



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