The Caylin Frank Appointment Viewed from South Poway

I thought this was another interesting perspective on the Caylin Frank Appointment from someone who lives in South Poway:

Last month, the council appointed a brand new resident, Caylin Frank, to serve as councilmember, an appointment that runs until November, when the voters can choose a replacement for Jim Cunningham. It was very odd that 3 council members all selected Frank, despite her never having been involved with or done anything at all in the Poway community. It was very obvious that this was a backroom deal, with 3 north Poway council men colluding to give Caylin an incumbent advantage in the November election. It appears they also did it to prevent any of the long time south Poway community activists from getting a seat on the council.
But it isn’t just 3 north Poway council members who seemed to have a hand in this appointment. In a San Diego Union Tribune article about Mrs Frank’s first council meeting, the head of the San Diego County GOP weighed in:
Tony Krvaric, the chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County, said Frank is one of several young members of his party with potentially bright futures.
‘She goes against the undeserved stereotype of Republicans,” he said. “I think it’s good from that perspective.”
“We encourage people to start at the local level because you learn a lot about yourself, you learn a lot about campaigning, you learn a lot about getting along with colleagues and other things like dealing with constituents.
“We’re excited about her. She’s going to get a chance to prove herself a little bit before she runs for office in her own right. She’s fortunate in that regard…. I think she’ll do well.”
What? Why did the newspaper even ask Tony Kvarcic for a comment? Kvarcic doesn’t live in Poway. Did he have a hand in placing her on the council? The Poway Council is a nonpartisan position. Let me say that again. Poway council members are nonpartisan positions. Why is Tony Kvarcic injecting machine politics into the Poway council appointment?
This is very disturbing. One of the reasons Poway incorporated was so that we could control our own destiny. With this political appointment, it looks very much like we no longer have control of our future.
I am worried about our ability to protect our open space. None of the 3 council members who appointed Caylin Frank expressed any kind of support for preserving the Metate open space. I can assure you that the county GOP does not have it on its agenda to preserve open space in Poway. One of the consultants to the petitioner who wanted to rezone the Metate grasslands to accommodate more housing was the president of the Lincoln Club, which is a partisan GOP group which endorsed Steve Vaus for mayor months ago, even though the period for others to declare their candidacy has just begun. I am worried that Poway residents are not paying attention to what is happening here.

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