Landscape Management Districts (LMDs)

Many may not realize that our tree lined streets along Espola and Twin Peak Roads are paid for by “Landscape Management Districts” (LMDs.) These are special assessments that the homes along those streets must pay each year. A recent effort to adjust these payments for increased costs failed. This failure is causing severe degradation of the greenscape along these main thoroughfares.

I think this issue is not receiving the focus it should by our city council. These are some of the most public and most travelled areas in Poway and their poor condition reflects very badly on our city. I believe we need more investigation into why the homeowners rejected the previous increase and then new proposals should be created based on this information. Additionally, we need more education and leadership during the next vote in order make residents understand how important these assessments are to the community. I saw no leadership of this type during the previous attempt to update the LMD rates.

I would also propose that the city include some funding to start repairs of these areas immediately if a new LMD structure was approved, rather than waiting for the funds to be collected over some number of months or years, which was the previous plan. Poway should not have to endure the poor condition of these green spaces any longer than necessary.

2 thoughts on “Landscape Management Districts (LMDs)”

  1. I am a homeowner who rejected the increase for landscaping. As you said these roads are highly traveled by many, not just those who live near them. I don’t feel obligated to pay for the landscaping of the public roads near me. But more importantly, I don’t think we need, or even want, fancy landscaping that would require extra maintenance and water. We are the city in the country after all and a simple clean-up of the eucalyptus debris would leave our roads looking neat and natural.


    1. Thanks Nancy. I have been talking to a lot of people about this. The feedback I am getting is 1) need to change the trees and landscaping over time to be lower maintenance 2) city needs to contribute some portion of the cost if LMD are raised since there is also a community benefit in addition to the specific benefit, 3) no inflation adjustment. I would hope we could reach some compromise taking these inputs into account. We really want our streets to look better than they do right now.


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