Problems with the PRSP

The PRSP is effectively a zoning change that encourages the construction of over 1,100 condos and other commercial development along Poway Road. This represents a massive change for the Poway we know and love.

After careful review of the plan I have many concerns that would need to be addressed before I would approve any additional PRSP development. My concerns include insufficient building fees to pay for new public facilities and affordable housing, inadequate parking requirements, and the use of very vague “benefits,” which allow developers to bypass the already lenient zoning requirements of the PRSP. There are plenty of other issues with the PRSP, but these are the most glaring in my opinion.

The bottom line is that the PRSP is too developer friendly. The PRSP does not protect residents from the damage PSRP development will do to their quality of life. I think we need an improved PRSP with more protections for residents if we want to allow this type of development to happen while preserving our great city at the same time.

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