The Vision for Stoneridge

Poway Golf and Tennis Club

The closure of Stoneridge Country Club has placed 117 acres of open space land into a state of limbo. At best this is unused land that is an eyesore. At worst it is a fire hazard and an attraction for criminal activity.

While our current leadership feels it has no role to play with respect to Stoneridge, I see its closure as an opportunity to bring great things to Poway. This includes potentially opening a family friendly golf, tennis and swim facility for all of Poway with a view towards exploring a public exercise facility and/or eatery some time down the line. A family friendly golf facility would charge very low green fees for Poway youth allowing a family to play golf at a modest price. This would give everyone in Poway access to golf near their home. The facility would also give Powegians substantially increased access to tennis as nine additional tennis courts would more than triple the number currently available.

Also, because the golf course would be public, the city could add some walking paths. I have witnessed the success of such a configuration first hand at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course and Coronado Public Golf Course, both of which have protected walking paths that run along each course. It is also worth noting that both these golf courses are built on land that is much more valuable than Stoneridge, but these highly respected cities view a golf course as a suitable use. That is one reason why they are great cities. It is not unreasonable to ask the same from Poway.

And to ensure that this public golf/tennis/swim facility will not be a drain on the city’s budget, I am working with the homeowners around the course to create a special assessment that would allow these homes to subsidize the irrigation costs (i.e. the water bill) for the course. This is a clear win-win deal as we get a great golf course and these homes get great views. I have found strong support for this proposal so far. With this subsidy I have determined that the course is highly likely to be profitable, with the potential revenue to the city being as much as the taxes received from 30 new homes. The city should take advantage of this generous offer so that we can have a fantastic new recreational facility available to everyone in our a community without any burden to the budget.

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