A Win for both sides on Measure A

Measure A failed last year. That is part of Poway history now.
But there is still a way for everyone to get everything they wanted and more – no matter how you voted.  The way to do that is to vote for Edmonston for Mayor in 2018.
Just think about it.
If you voted Yes on A, you wanted a public golf course for Poway and you thought allowing some development on this land was they best way to do that. Fair enough.
And if you voted NO on A you wanted to preserve this important open space for Poway. That is also a reasonable goal, and one you still need to pursue.
What is important now is that you care about the future of Stoneridge, and that is an issue that is important to me as well.
And because this issue is important to me, if elected mayor, I will work to try and find a way to bring a family friendly golf course to Poway with the most likely location for that course being the Stoneridge land. Placing a golf course there would provide the desired recreational facilities and preserve the open space, which gives everyone everything that they wanted.
And I believe that it could be obtained at a reasonable price and, with a little financial help from the surrounding community, operated profitably.
To do this, after conducting a third party review of this plan, I would urge the city to obtain this land and bring family friendly golf, tennis and other public recreational facilities to Poway for use by all. A family friendly golf course is one where Powegians pay reduced green fees and Poway youth pay deeply discounted green fees. We could then explore adding a walking trail through the course and finding partners to bring in a modern eatery and/or a community center.
But we have to have a Mayor with the vision, leadership and energy to get this done.
If you voted on Measure A in 2017, then your best way to get what you wanted, either way, is to vote for Edmonston for Mayor 2018.

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