Who is funding all the political mailers?

The number of political mailers coming out as we reach the end of this election season has been amazing.

As a non-incumbant candidate for Mayor I can’t match that, but at least I can show you were the money is coming from and let you figure out what is expected in return.

In short, the big money backing this city council is coming from real estate and development interests.  These interests see that we have the first 100% development friendly city council in Poway history and they do not want to lose it.  Poway has been a tough nut to crack, but now they see Poway as ‘open season’ for developers. 

The non-candidate mailers released so far have been from:

Republican Party of San Diego County (RPSDC)

Deputy Sheriff’s Association of San Diego County (DSA of SDC)

Greater San Diego Association of Realtors (GSDAR)

The agenda of the GSDAR should be clear. They want real estate that they can sell.  I applaud them on being transparent at least. 

The funding sources behind the other mailers needs a little more explanation.

The donor list to the Republican Party of SDC is basically just a long list of real estate interests in San Diego. It is would take up too much space go list all of them, but the vast bulk of the money donated at the county level comes from real estate interests.  

There are a few donors that stand out, however.  They are:

Stuck in the Rough LLC (Los Angeles) $70,000 year-to-date

Sudberry Properties (San Diego) $32,500 year-to-date

Associated Builders and Contractors PAC (Poway) $36,000 year-to-date

California Real Estate PAC (Los Angeles) $40,000 year-to-date

The first donor of particular interest is stuck in the Rough LLC (SIR), which is the Michael Schlesinger’s company that owns Stoneridge.  SIR is the second largest donor to the SDCRP listed on their latest fundraising statement.  They are a big player.  Schlesinger clearly feels the need to donate so much because he know the activity he is engaged in is hated by the local residents of San Diego and he needs to give the Republcan Party a lot of money in order to carry their water here in San Diego.  And the Republican Party of SDC seem perfectly willing to do that for him.

The second donor of interest to Poway is Sudberry Properties.  Sudberry Properties currently has an exclusive right to negotiate with the city of Poway over the development of the city owned land near civic center drive and Poway Road.  I want some of that land to be used to expand our city park.

Amazingly, the negotiations with Suberry Properties are not public. I guess that is a perk you get for making such a generous donation.

Keep in mind that while you might support a political party’s positions at the national or state level, the policies of that party on a local level may be much less appealing to you. You need to consider local politics separatelt from state or national.

The other set of mailers came from the Deputy Sheriffs Associate of SDC. You may think to yourself surely the Deputy Sheriff’s Association is not influenced by real estate interests?  Well they are.  

Their latest filing shows two large donations from real estate interests out of a total of only four donations. (the other large donation is from the Deputy Sheriff’s Association itself, which presumably comes from union dues).  

The real estate donors to the DSA of SDC are:

Building industry Associate of San Diego County PAC – $20,000

Sunrise Gardens Project Owner LLC – $5,000.

These contributions represent 58% of all the contributions received by the SDA of SDC during the last reporting period – more money than from the union it supposedly represents!

Some of this money was used to send out the Caylin Frank mailer.

So, I just ask you to consider why this current city council is receiving so much support from real estate and development interests and how that support will affect they way they will vote on development projects in Poway during the their next term -development like those that will go on Poway Road.  I guarantee you that these donations and the mailer that the financed will not go unnoticed by our sitting city council.

The single greatest factor in making Poway a great place to raise a family has been slow growth policy towards development, which was largely made possible by proposition FF passed some 30 years ago, not anything this city council has done.  This slow growth policy has also kept our crime low.  

The current city council is trying to take credit for all the good things that make up our city, but in my opinion the unprecedented increase in growth they have planned for Poway in the next few years posses the greatest threat to Poway since its incorpration as a city in 1980.  That is why I am running for Mayor.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.06.07 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.03.55 PM

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